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33 and...Feelin' Free!

Hello loves! As I write this, it’s my 33rd birthday today. When I say the number out loud, my mind goes blank. I get a slight sigh of OMGOSH! And…a smirk, at the same time. I still feel in my 20’s, but have learned a lot. Especially in the last little while. But time really does fly by! Should've listened to my mom when she said this.

Although, I’m flattered by all the birthday wishes, ice cream (I don’t like cake), and what ever the day brings, I’m prompted to write and share some knowledge with you.

I’m sure you’ve seen these types of videos on YouTube, but I want to share my 33 TACTICS I’ve learned in 33 years of being on this Earth. We shall call it a survival guide =)

Let’s be real. Most of these items I truly only started embodying more in the last little while, but nevertheless, I want to be authentic, raw, bold, and give them to you as a token of appreciation AND motivation to step into your most, best, sexy, loving, confident, bad a$$ self.

Here we go:

1.) Don’t be shy about who you are. For a long time, I was the good girl who thought I had to be perfect. I hid my true feelings and dreams in hopes to please everyone. Blah. Blah. Blah... I've stepped into a different realm now. I'm no longer giving as much sh*t as I used to. Ya feel me?

2.) Saying NO is a power word. My toddler says it best, so I'm learning from him how much value those two letters have. Being able to say NO is crucial to your well-being. It will set you even more free and heading towards more joy.

3.) You don’t have to wash your hair every day to be sexy. (THANK YOU DRY SHAMPOO!) Seriously, I remember the days, I didn’t like my frizz. My curls. Or my bangs. I let the bangs grow out BUT realized my best hair comes from letting it be. I now brush out my curls and embrace the frizz.

4.) Eat what you want. Ditch the diets. If you know me, I’m sure you heard my ED story. If you haven’t just ask. But dieting SUCKS! Your plate looks different from my plate, and vice versa.

5.) Quiet time is me time. We get too caught up in noise. Whether it’s by work, social media, TV shows. Get quiet and be OK with not talking for a minute. (I love to talk but there's a time I need to shut up and listen to everyone else chat).

6.) Nature is my healer. Getting outside ALWAYS make me feel sane. Even in the midst of winter (minus the ice) I got outside, felt the sun, and took advantage of all there is to see OUTSIDE. It makes me feel human, alive, and well, no matter the season.

7.) Do more dancing. Dance like your life depends on it. Because it does.

8.) Do more singing. Not just in the shower. Lately, mine has been singing Wheels of the Bus to my son, but often, I still get in some Backstreet’s Back…Alright? 😊

9.) Do more laughing at YOURSELF. I mess up all the time. That’s where I giggle. I learn. Then I love MYSELF more.

10.) Being spiritual is a gift. Crystal, tarot cards, law of attraction. I didn’t know any of this until a couple years ago. Now, I embrace the fact that I'm a spiritual being having a human experience. My depths are that of an old soul and a hippie at heart.

11.) Being kind to those who aren’t is hard but in the end, worth it. A hard battle, there attitude reflects them, not who you are.

12.) Stop saying sorry. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP apologizing. I’ve kicked this word to the curb this year.

13.) Be intentional with all things. From mowing the yard, to cooking dinner. My goal for 2022 and beyond is to focus on everything with purpose and meaning.

14.) Do 1 thing at a time. Gosh, this is bold. Everyone wants you to do too many things at once. Answer texts, answer your phone, answer your email, get the kid, etc...You do not have to all at once! I repeat…You do not have to!

15.) You don’t gotta reply immediately. Pause. Breathe. Then reply.

16.) Not everyone will like you or get your goals, dreams, life, or plan. It's not there's to understand anyhow.

17.) Keep growing. Always grow more and more each year. Personal, professional, grow to expand your essence. There's so much out there to evolve and elevate! Grab it like a bull by the horns.

18.) Educate yourself. Even without college education. You don't have to have a college degree to be educated. No books, no test, but educate yourself about all aspects of life. Something I want to get into more is herbalism. My papaw loved to get ginseng. Perhaps, I will too.

19.) Protect your energy. It’s vital to protect your vibe. People will bring you down, people will bring you up. Keep that energy high and around those who make you feel like a kid in the candy store.

20.) Slow down. This one, I still need practice. But I have started understanding what causes me stress and understanding to slow the freak down. The tortoise won the race, remember?

21.) Read more. I used to read. Then I stopped. Now, I enjoy a good book. It takes me a long time to read one. Even a year sometimes, but I get there eventually.

22.) Walk. That’s right. Walk to your destination if you are able. What we see on foot it WAY different than driving by a vehicle. How many times have you passed something you’ve never seen while driving? On foot people…

23.) Get your hands dirty. Play in the mud. Do a craft. Do something that allows you to get creative more often. Mud pies anyone?

24.) Your voice is golden. Use it. No one has your voice. I used to not like mine. I sounded like a country –bumpkin. That’s the best part, I am from Kentucky and enjoy my Southern sound.

25.) Music makes the world go ‘round. Yep, tunes are the best to make you feel good. Anytime, day or night. I love all kinds of music. But I can never get rid of the 90’s life.

26.) Be a podcast junkie. I got one you can listen to, just saying. But there’s so much great inspiration in this world. Turn your ears up and listen.

27.) Online shopping is a MUST. I love going to a store (sometimes) but thank goodness for Amazon and online purchases. I never would have even thought about Butcher Box or Misfits Market (ask me for a discount, I can email you a code) until a couple of years ago. YOUR time and mine are valuable.

28.) Spend money on yourself. I am a super stingy person. I love yard sales, discounts, and all the savings. BUT I now see, I feared spending money. I didn’t think it would come back. But it does, full circle. I dare you to buy the shoes, the purse, the hair color, the nails, whatever you are dying to purchase AND feel good about it.

29.) Follow your destiny. I have finally (after 33 years) decided to follow more of my purpose, my calling. I put myself on the back burner, but not anymore. THIS YEAR I am doing all the things to make my purpose come true. You can too!

30.) Water. Drink it. Not only because they say to, but because your mind will be better. Often, we are depleted from some much ( hold on....I just paused to take a sip). Seriously, get in your daily dose of fluid BEFORE you get dehydrated.

31.) Medicine is not created equal. It has it’s place, but I love holistic health. I love the trees, I love herbs. Look into remedies instead of the next bottle of Tylenol. Get to the source instead of a quick fix.

32.) Mediate. Meditate. Mediate. You wanna know why? Check out this post.

33.) Organize and declutter. Not just get rid of stuff, but truly take the time to make sure what your bring to the table has meaning.

Okie dokie....There you have it. My “33 and feelin’ free” survival guide. There's so much more I could share. But I will spare the details.

I’d love to connect with you. Hit me up on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

I will be in touch soon.



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