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Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day. Everybody’s favorite day to buy chocolate! And some darn expensive chocolate, if I do say so myself.

For me, it was a day to pig out. Cupids arrow went straight the dessert bar and in my belly!

I’d eat so much till it made me sick. I don’t even think I tasted (fully tasted or enjoyed) the 10 Hershey’s bars, or the 5 chocolate chip cookies. It was a love/hate relationship.

Was it satisfying? Nope! To say the least….

I’d end up with a headache and my stomach would feel nauseated from eating nothing but sweets ALL DAY LONG.

I remember vividly trying to make a flourless chocolate cake. I’m no baker, but I thought this was “the day” to make an attempt because I’d never be able to eat it again.

That Valentine’s Day would the only time sweets would enter this body. Then, I’d be back on my routine of salad and grilled chicken till the next holiday, family gathering, or binge cycle.

Instead of sharing cake with that sweet someone, I ate the whole thing by myself. The cake was never shared by anyone but me, a spring-form pan, and a spoon. Heck, it didn’t even make it to the oven. He didn’t even know I make the cake.

We had chocolate pudding instead.

These things…. I am not proud of, but they were real. So real, till I stopped fearing food.

Till I decided to change the way I thought, felt, reacted, and consumed food.

By taking the time to hit the pause button, your body will learn not to be impulsive by everything you see.

Aren’t you tired of leaving in fear? I believe that life has so much more beautiful things to offer you other than a calculator, a scale, a toilet, or whatever you're hiding from the world.

I know FOR A FACT that food freedom is possible. I’ve been there scared, not knowing if it could happen, when it would happen.

Till one day I was free. I felt free as a bird to be around those triggers that once ended up in a vicious cycle.

Till one day the phobias were gone, my cluttered mind improved, and my self-love increased.

My body was a vessel that needed to be loved, appreciated, and nourished.

Do you really want to be scared your whole life?

Don’t you want to feel great in a bikini?

Are you wanting to REALLY live and love yourself this Valentine’s Day and every day?

Of course you are…

It’s time to take charge of your own life, be your biggest fan, and be your own Valentine. Love YOURSELF first, the rest will follow.

Instead of living for a bowl of chocolate one day, and a carrot the next, make the switch to intuitive eating.

Make the switch to feel at peace with everything and anything you consume, or don’t consume.

I’d love to connect with you, give you some tips, and show support along your journey.

Sign up for a free 1-Hour Self Love Discovery Call to Find Out More!

All the best,


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