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Change Your Mind...It's Time!

Having a healthy mindset is something that is often over-looked. We don’t wake up and just become ready for whatever life throws our way. It’s a practice. A practice that is worth exploring, especially when it comes to your relationship with mental well-being, your food and your body.

I know for me personally, spending years obsessively exercising, comparing myself to others, and counting every drop of food on and off my plate was NOT the right mindset! My mind was caught up in the digits, and not what the chicken even tasted like. Did I even like the chicken? Who knows…

Thoughts would creep in, they would make me believe that I wasn’t hungry, even though I hadn’t eaten in a week. They would make me believe things that never existed such as: you can’t have that; it goes against your diet. You should exercise, sitting will cause you to gain weight. You must weigh every morning, noon, and night to make darn sure, you don’t fall off the bandwagon. Your arms aren’t as small as hers. Your legs aren’t as skinny in those skinny jeans.

Are you letting this type of self-talk take over? Do you even know why you’re doing in the first place?

My guess is that you said yes to the first question, but have no clue how you began this type of attitude to begin with.

I say that not to be rude, but I say that with truth, boldness, and my own experience! My own personal experience BEFORE I knew how to change my mindset.

Until I decided that I wanted to get better, for myself, I remained stuck. Stuck in my own head with the could have, should have, would have attitudes. This was a ZERO FUN ZONE!

It was me, me, me, all the time in terms of what I ate, how I ate, and what I looked like.

Needless to say, it sucked!

These were not the happiest days of my life. Now that I look back on it, these were the WORST days of my life because I was so darn hard on myself for no reason. But at the time, I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know any better, until panic attacks and reality hit me right in the face.

My own personal wake up, epiphany, whatever you wanna call it, made me slowly begin to realize the importance of needing to change my own mindset. And I’m glad I woke up. I want you to wake up too.

Just by changing my mindset, I was able to see things from a different perspective. No, it did not happen overnight AND it’s still a practice I must take into consideration each day. But it was worth the effort just to be free. Free from all the clutter and mumbo-jumbo, that I let build up in my head.

When we put to much focus on everyone but ourselves, that’s where it gets all kinds of funky, for lack of a better word.

YOU gotta take care of YOU and make sure you are working towards a healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost.

Here are some ideas to get you GROWING towards a better mindset:

1.) In terms of food, practice by understanding why you’re binging, not eating, emotional eating, counting calories, etc. Find the root cause helps put your mind more at ease. It’s OK if you don’t know why at first, but be patient, answers will come. Don’t force, allow.

2.) Thinking negatively (comparing yourself to others, or whatever you’re doing) quickly stop those undesirable thoughts dead in their tracks! Replace a negative thought with AT LEAST 1 positive thought. Not giving those negative thoughts room to move in your head is empowering! Sometimes our thoughts aren’t easy to control, especially if you’ve been having the wrong mindset for a while, but that’s why it’s important to catch them. The sooner, the better, in my opinion.

3.) Take a deep breath. Journaling was also a great place for me personally, and I know it will help you too! Mind dump your thoughts, get them off your chest, and write out your feelings to create a more positive relationship WITHOUT judgement.

4.) Believe in yourself and that you are worthy! Our self-worth has a HUGE reflection on how our mind operates. Believe it or not, a growth mindset helps us believe we are stronger, and you can accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to.

5.) Set small goals. This goes along with your why, but having goals you want to achieve allows us to see light at the end of the tunnel. Motivation is great, but has nothing to do with long-term if you can not keep it consistent. Make it a habit so you can the results for yourself that you truly desire and deserve!

Our mental health is crucial on your way to having a strong and positive mindset. Each day will be different, but remember not to beat yourself up. You learn from each and every experience.

I know you can do it! I believe in you! See changing your mind, is not a bad thing.

Sending you love, happiness, and motivation….

Till the next time,


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