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Count Your Blessings Not Your Calories!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

It’s a New Year! I can't even believe it myself...2020 was crazy, but I'm looking forward to 2021. How about you?

A new year also means people want to start loosing weight...It's a time to see all the mumbo-jumbo about losing fat here and losing inches there mentioned. Counting, tracking, and magic pill popping. Time for all the ranting and raving about getting fit and time for “diet” items to be displayed in the supermarket.

Don’t get me wrong, our health is super-duper important. I believe we should take care of ourselves, but as a past dieter, food restrictor, and avid calorie counter, I can’t stand the new year, new you bull crap. Each time I see it I get sick to my stomach and upset for those who fall victim. I’m blunt because I know it caused me so much pain to want to fit into a certain body type. In the past, my exterior was more important than the interior. For it’s time for us to build something long term. Something that’s NOT your weight, height, body image, etc. Something that builds your self-esteem, not breaks it. Ya with me?

You know what I want it to be time for? Counting blessings NOT calories! That’s right, the title says it all. I say this new year (and beyond) start counting your blessings. Why? Because gratitude brings more gratitude. Focusing on the good, brings more good. You may feel that you don’t have anything to be thankful for, but I bet that’s not the case. The fact that you're a living human being on this planet means you are not used up and have a lot to give.

Things I’ve learned once I stopped counting the digits and started becoming appreciative:

1.) Life is short (WAYYYY shorter than we expect). It’s goes by too fast to live by a calculator.

2.) Smell the roses (or whatever you like to smell). Take a moment to notice EVERYTHING in your surroundings and smile often. There’s so much power in a smile and so much beauty everyday.

3.) Make peace with realizing it’s OK to not be perfect. It’s normal to not eat 100% clean and normal not to exercise like a bat outta hell. Your mental health depends on it.

4.) You'll feel less stress when you stop counting. We all have problems, I understand. However, focusing on blessings helps us rebound and bounce back from difficulties.

5.) Saying thank you to your body is not an understatement. Say thanks everyday even if it feels weird.

These are just a couple tips that have helped me along the way. I know there's more when you emerge yourself in noticing them. Don’t waste your life living by a number. It’s not serving you.

Need more help? I’d love to work with you. Found out more here, and set up a free self-love call with me.

In the meantime, we will talk soon!



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