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Dear Body....I Love You!

Hi friends...It's been awhile since we spoke. Heck, it's been awhile since I've wrote. My apologies, but let's back on track.

Today, I'd like to share a topic that we ALL can relate to. Body Image.

The struggle is real. I get it. This is why I felt the urge to write this post. It's a topic I've dealt with literally all my life, being open and honest about it, allows me to help you all.

Anywho, let's get going......

My body used to scare me. It was something that was meant to not be seen. I wouldn’t dare look it in the mirror without judging the parts that needed “fixing.” My body was not something I was proud of, not something I admired. If you ask about my legs, they were just my legs. I didn’t think about how far they walked me every day. If you complimented my hair, I didn’t believe you. I thought my curls were frizzy and needed to be tamed.

I strived so hard for so long to look a certain way. Bruise free, perfect physique, scratch-resistant. Like I was some kind of sculpture. (Preferably the Goddess/Model type). But I wanted my body to be look like it was fresh out of Photoshop, fresh off the runway. It was my idea of beautiful that mattered most and no one could stop me. Literally no one. I was too self-absorbed to even care to dig deep to what was really going on inside.

My body was a place I shunned away from because I never felt not good enough. And this is an understatement.

I say all that to say this…

What is good enough? To each is their own, but you, my dear friend, are good enough.

Shew wee…I get all kinds of emotional even typing today because I feel your pain. I actually get sick that I even thought so negatively about myself for so long.

I also know you think you gotta be something or someone you’re not. But I can promise you, you don’t!

Authenticity will bring you so much joy, so much freedom. That's what I want you to feel. That's how you deserve to feel.

You ‘re not stuck in this world to be like, look like, talk like, walk like, dress like, whatever like, everyone else….You are meant to be YOU. And that is special.

There is POWER in your beauty. Repeat that 5x daily.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when you go around trying to feel like your looks are the only thing that’s important. Friend, you are more than your looks!

Coming from someone who struggled in more places than they like to admit, my body image is something I’ve had to CONSTANTLY work on.

My body image was a place where I wanted to fit in badly, but had no clue how. It was a place that I used to hide away my true feelings. It was a place that I merely existed but it was a place I didn’t truly see my value.

Friends, I urge you today to take a look at yourself. What do you see?

Write down AT LEAST ten aspects of what you like about yourself.

Go over this list every day. Add news things. The more you add, the more your mind will expand into a positive way. You’ll notice even the smallest of things to be grateful for.

Your body does a whole-heck-of-a lot.

I don’t want you to be so dang hard on yourself. Let me know how I can help you! Have a fabulous day!



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