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Don't Do the Diabolical Diet!

Happy New Year! It's 2020 folks and I feel like we should be using flying cars, be able to live on another planet, and I might just need a robot to help with the dishes. Who's with me?! And every time I see this year, I also think about 20/20 Eye Care, an establishment where I got my first pair of specks in elementary school. Anywho, we're in a new decade folks, and it's pretty crazy when ya stop and think about it! I wanna jump right into this post, as I'm sure you know what it's going to be about (hence the title).

Nevertheless, it's my duty to urge you to steer clear from all the diet jargon. You know what I'm talkin' about, the "Loose Weight Fast” crap you see on every corner, sales ad, or TV commercial. It's a gimmick that'll get you sucked in faster than a tornado in Kansas! Seriously though, it never ceases to amaze me how much time and effort it must've taken to create those ads, commercials, or to set up those dumbbells. I care about your health and I want YOU to be healthy, but being healthy doesn't mean going on a diet year after year, after year. I've been there, done that, more times than I like to count! It doesn’t mean purchasing a new gym membership to think you have to work off the holiday food. I’ve done that too! This never worked for me, kept me stuck, and it'll keep you from true self-love!

I'm sure you can tell, I get all fired up when writing this post but it's because I want you to know the truth. The truth is that diets are NOT for your highest and greatest good.Repeat that 5x (or more!)

  • Diets are a quick fix

  • Diets leave you unsatisfied

  • Diets deprive

  • Diets suck (to be it bluntly)

Being healthy is so much more than being on a dang diet.

  • We have to be healthy in our minds, in order to heal our bodies.

  • We have to be around healthy relationships that foster growth.

  • We have to submerge ourselves into realizing that we matter, and self-love is vital.

  • We have to appreciate being in the present moment because we may never get that moment back.

  • We have to realize that slowing down is OK and that we are the master of our own lives.

You are NOT your weight, your height, your hair, your skin. You are a living, beautiful human being waiting to meet your true and best self. You are ready to unleash your true potential. (That doesn’t involve being skinny or like everyone else).

This list goes on and on. As cliche or ironic or crazy as you think this sounds, getting rid of diets is what healed my relationship with food. And soon lead to freeing up my mind, my body, and it can yours too! There's more to life than living in food fear.

It took me a while to realize this, and to this day I still have to practice what I’m preaching to you to be the best of my ability.

But there is a better way than counting out your carrot sticks (unless you're giving those to Bugs Bunny!) A better way to understand your body, your emotions around food, a better way to exercise that does NOT feel like a chore. Simply put, a better way for the long haul. One that actually works if you allow your body to do the talking.

I know what you're can I trust? How can I eat what I want and not stress? How can I love myself? How can I change, it’s all I’ve known? I had these questions too (and many more) when I was dieting and depriving. I lived by the numbers, the food choices, the time of day, the routines. Until I was tired of living this way, and knew there had to be something better. The diabolical diet kept me trapped, and I DO NOT want this for you any longer!

  • Time to start off 2020 right and learn about intuitive eating. It will change your life!

  • Time for you to stop and listen to what your body is asking you to do. Is it craving fun, food, family, to read, to write? Heck, maybe it’s doesn’t know yet, and that’s perfectly A-OK too!

  • Time for you to get off the diet and make the switch to dive deep into transformation this year.

Don't go another decade at war with yourself. Are you ready? Then maybe we can get that robot to come and do my dishes, your dishes, and hopefully dust =)

Till the next time,


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