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Exit the External…....Enter the Internal

Gooood Monday morning! Or whenever you’re reading this post….I haven’t written to ya’ll beauties in a while. Life happens fast and fall makes me write best (wink-wink if you’re in fall vibes right now).

Today, I woke at 5AM bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, no caffeine, just immediately I woke up pumped. I’m a morning person at heart and waking up with the chickens is my jam (most days). Nonetheless, I’ve been in the mood get up and get the day started early to get the best of those 24 hours.

Lately, I’ve been tuning into more podcasts. Yes, I do have my own, it's just getting started so stay tuned, but we can all draw inspiration from one another if we’re open to learning. I believe there’s always something new to absorb, and it really is NEVER too old to teach a dog new tricks. Ya with me?

So, before I get off on too many tangents, on a recent lunch time walk, I heard something that stuck with me.

I’m going to give a BIG shout out to Ms. Hallie with Sassy Healthy Fit on this one! She’s a gem I recently found and her guests are on point! I can’t remember the episode or season, but I did write down immediately what I heard in the notes of my phone because it was good, really, really good!

It said….our answers are never external, they’re always internal. Boom! That hit me. Just like a ton of bricks, it struck me fast. I knew I had to write to you gorgeous folks about what this means to me. And I want you to think about what it means to YOU!

How many times are we reaching to the external to make up our minds or our truth? Myself included folks. I can easily feel like I need to ask for approval, but on my last post, “No Permission Needed” I spill the beans of why YOU matter most and how the road to self-growth is not easy but it's necessary.

Having a support system is TRULY important and impactful, don’t get me wrong. We need and desire connection, but please, please, please do not let this be the reason why you do not listen to yourself FIRST.

You know you better than anyone else.

Going through recovery (spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.) I learned a lot (and still learn) that I have to trust my internal guidance and compass. This even goes back to intuitive eating and why I believe so strongly in listening to our bodies “internal hunger cues.”

We all have a guide, a north star if you will…It can point us in the right direction to our path, our purpose. Sometimes we just have to get quiet for the answers.

Why listen to yourself:

  • Helps with better decision making. For example, trusting your inner-guidance when launching a product, a service, planning a vacation, etc. even without data can sometimes be the best thing since sliced bread!

  • Ideas and solutions and can also be solved when tuning into yourself. It’s hard to have original ideas if you try to copy everyone else.

  • Aids in stopping comparison traps! Which is a win-win overall. You do not need to equate your self-worth to others.

  • Can aid in stressing-less!

True transformation happens when we least expect it. Same for healing, we heal when we heal ourselves FIRST. Go within and start now.

Start listening inward and forget all the noise going on outward. You are worthy of EVERYTHING you EVER wanted!

Sending you the best,


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