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Fill Your Cup, Even If It's Tough!

Not long ago I felt stuck! Yes, this 32-year-old gal thought I had my crap together but then I realized something. Do we ever have our crap together? I beg to differ with those who think they have it all figured out. I think learning and life is an on-going process, a progression that never really ends and can be a constant state of expanding. They do say, knowledge is power, right?

Today, I wanna chat with you about why to fill YOUR own cup. For the cup, I'm referring to yourself. Speaking from experience, I’ve had to realize (over time) you have to do what makes YOU happy and not get bogged down by things that leave you empty. Sure, there are mundane tasks (aka: I hate putting away laundry) but why waste time on something that’s not filling your cup? Life is waaaayyyy too short.

Remember, you’re only one person and you’re not responsible for the whole world. I know it gets heavy, even scary at times, but I promise the world will keep movin’ and going ‘round.

Not taking time for yourself (again I’m telling ya from my own experience) leaves us in a state of anxiety and overwhelm. This should not be long-term! When you stop to find ways to fill your cup, your batteries are recharging and ready to take on the day!

Mark off time on your calendar, make a note on the fridge, set a reminder on your phone, do something that allows you to do something for yourself. I’m a podcast junkie, so spending time in nature, listening to a podcast and going on a long walk tickles my fancy. What is it for you? This may take some soul-searching and energy clearing, but I know your cup deserves to be filled!

I beg you to learn ways each day to make time for your cup even when you feel selfish, others get mad, or you feel like you just can't....YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

This will leave you room for more happiness if you practice filling your own cup. To me, it’s all about self-care and self-love. Realizing YOU are a priority is a good thing. Others in turn will begin to recognize this in you.

Each time I don’t make time for myself, I get frazzled. I probably look like Cruella Deville (side note: I just watched Cruella loved Emma Stone’s skills!) I hate being in a tizzy, so being able to make time out of my day to make sure I’m living my best, fills me up!

Sometimes my list feels overwhelming, my battery gets low, and my cup gets empty too. We all get spread thin, and I want you to know your not alone. But in order to take care of everyone else….you gotta make you a priority. You are the guacamole not free chips and salsa =)

Let me know if I can help you in any way towards more self-love and self-care.

Till the next time…


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