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If I Had A Coach...

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Hello gorgeous! It has been a minute (or five) since I wrote a blog post....Today, I want to share some insight of what coaching can do for you!

If someone were to tell me 7 years ago, I should talk to somebody, I’d tell ‘em they were crazy. Me? Talk? Why?

I assumed I had it all figured out. There was no telling this anorexic, binge eating girl she needed extra support.

I was darn-right determined to NOT get off my high-horse! I've been used to being on a strict eating plan for 10 years I didn't need to change, or so I thought....Calorie counting was my game, and exercise was my escape to burn off dinner.

I never heard of a coach, never thought I needed a coach, didn’t even understand I had a food “problem” because it was my norm from high school through college. Dieting was my "norm" and sneaking sweets was my side-gig.

You see, 7 years ago, I was the girl stuck on the yo-yo diet train feeling meh with my body some days…Other days, I was about to flip off my rocker when my pants got tight.

I made excuses for not eating, excuses for why I would loose weight, gain weight, back and forth...

I was in the stage of depression, mood swings, and preparing diet meals…over and over and over.

I was the girl who hid she had a “problem” because I didn’t want others to see me jumping onto scale obessively!

I didn’t want to tell on myself for going to the gas station ang getting cookies in secret. I didn’t want my diet coke to stop making me feel full on days I decided to skip food entirely.

I was the gal that NEEDED the veggie tray because everything else was a waste of taste and TOTALLY off limits!

It was a big no-no to eat anything that was not raw, steamed, and bland!

I thought looking good depended on my jean size and my makeup brush. I hadn’t gone within to find my own self-worth. I hadn’t felt good in a while. I was judgy. I was critical. I had no self-love. I was obsessed with eating, not eating, back and forth. I never worked on my mindset or goals.

The list goes and on. Until….FINALLY.....Something clicked.

If I knew then what I know now, I would've talked to a coach. Yes, there are folks to help you get UNSTUCK from all this!

So what is a coach? And what do I coach?

I coach others who struggle with the ups and downs of body image/self-esteem. I coach you how to learn how to listen and love your body.

I’ll be your friend and your motivator to get you out of a negative mindset.

I’ve been there. I’ll tell you all about that too. All you have to do is ask.

My coaching will give you freedom.

  • Freedom to eat freely.

  • Freedom to love yourself more.

  • Freedom to STOP self-sabotage.

  • Freedom to live your FULLEST life.

Yes, coaching can do this. I use my own past experiences in ALL of my programs.

Your Sexy Self is a crash course over body image.

Intutively You, is 4 months of personalized worksheets, private coaching, and weekly check ins.

My coaching will set you on a path to success. A path to find and reach your loveliest self!

How does that sound? If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired....don't settle, and let me be your coach!

Sign up for your FREE 1 hour self-love call. I wish I had a coach years back, but now this is why I coach.

Ya with me?

Send an email to to secure your call, get a freebie (or two), and chit chat about what you desire on your self-love journey towards food freedom and self-care.

With gratitude,


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