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It’s Never Too Late…Time to Motivate!

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily,” Zig Ziglar.

Although this quote makes me laugh every time, how true is it that we sometimes fail at motivation? I know I sure I do. I know I can have moments where I jump off the train track and not get back on if I don’t make myself. There’s time where I just wanna be left alone, lazy, and blah! Times where I need a pick me up (and I don’t even like coffee anymore!). Times where I just need a push. How about you?

So what can we do when we’re stuck in a rut? For me, it starts with coming up with a plan, a goal, a wish. It starts with something that gets me excited. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just something that you feel good about and you can stick with. Consistency is key!

Secondly, don’t let fear take over. Fear sucks! Plain and simple. But don’t let it hold you back from your reason to keep going and growing. Every time we do something out of our comfort zone it makes us stronger. In some way, shape, or form, this can help us say, “hey that wasn’t so bad after all.”

Get inspiration from others is another way to stay inspired. There’s nothing wrong with spending time with those who are willing to let you in on their secret to success! I heard this once on a motivational speech…Spend time with a rich person if you wanna know how they got rich, they’ll probably be glad to tell ya.

Stay positive! As best as you can, realize there is light at the end of the tunnel. This can recharge us from all the negative energy and allows our inner youth to shine. When you feel the urge to be negative….ask yourself:

· What can I learn here? What am I learning about myself?

· What’s something good that is coming out of this?

Be kind to yourself even if you mess up. It’s gonna happen. Just make sure you aren’t condemning yourself. Self-love goes a long way!

My favorite one, I’ll save the best for last…STOP comparing yourself to others! That’s right, quit thinking Sally has all her ducks in a row. I can guarantee she’s tried hard, failed hard, and tried again. We all do. That’s part of life. Beating yourself up won’t get to you to stay interested. Instead, it will deflate you like a balloon.

Ok my friends, hopefully you find these tips helpful when you’re feeling funky, junky, or just plain uninspired. You aren’t alone on this journey of life, but I promise, with practice and patience you can learn how to self-motivated, which in turn, motivates others.

Have a great day….We will be in touch soon!



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