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Let The Change Begin

Changing is tough. It takes effort, CONSTANT effort to change the way we think, react, feel, behave, etc. It can be scary, overwhelming, but also necessary. I say necessary because let me tell ya a little secret, life would simply be BORING if we didn’t change, evolve, and grow.

Look at this way, if there was no change, there would be no forward progression. We wouldn’t be able to learn the lessons or experience what life has to offer without transformation. If the caterpillar stayed in the cocoon, we’d never get to see the beautiful butterfly. Get the memo?

Personally, especially in the last little while, I never knew how much embracing change would affect my life (in a positive way!) It can be positive for you too with some simple tricks. I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy because it’s not. You may want to run, hide, fight, throw in the towel, but in the end, you will become stronger each time change is calling your name.

Let me use my past as an example for ya….

When I dieted, I allowed TV, media, magazines, you name it, dictate the way I thought about myself. Often times if I didn’t look like a model, an actress, the appearance ideal, I felt ashamed, unworthy, and unfulfilled. My mindset needed to shift to truly transform. I had to practice self-love mantras and start appreciating all that I am inside and out.

With food, I allowed Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, calories, carbs, and more to form the way I ate. In turn, I feared food. The relationship needed to alter, and recognizing food was NOT the enemy, helped me make the shift.

These are just 2 changes that come to my mind, but if I didn’t change my relationship with my body, I would still be stuck not being able to wear a bikini. If I didn’t change my idea surrounding food, I wouldn’t have learned intuitive eating.

Here’s what I also found out.

It's OK to fail. Yes, read this again. It's OK to fail.

How many times did you have to practice parallel parking BEFORE you got it right? My guess, probably A LOT and it's all good. I know I failed miserably between those bright orange cones in my mom's Grand-Am. But never stop trying! The "change" will happen, no rush.

Also, feeling sorry for yourself will often lead you down a negative spiral. Never blame your environment for misfortune. Stay focused and set your goals high and strive to achieve greatness.

Remember.... You will learn that embracing change becomes easier and easier. Appreciate the journey as it takes time to accomplish anything worth achieving.

If you’re open to learning new ways of approaching problems, you may learn something new. I’ve always heard the old saying, “ya learn something new every day.” I’ve found this to be true on so many levels!

Keep a list handy to write with. You can refer to in times where “the change” may seem challenging.


You will flourish because I believe in you! It's YOUR time!

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