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Live With Intent

Tell me. What are your goals? In life, personally, professionally? You can call me nosey, but I’d like you to think about them for a bit. Plop up chair, get out a notebook, and jot down some ideas. I want them to be something you care about, something that ignites your soul.

Having healthy goals builds positive self-esteem. They help us believe in ourselves, fuels our ambitions, keeps us responsible, allows us to live our best life to the fullest, just to name a few. Nourishing your self-esteem is key to reflecting the relationship you have within yourself. Holding yourself liable in a RESPECTFUL way is crucial and helpful when accomplishing any task at hand.

I truly believe in healing from the inside out, and goal-setting is an important piece to the puzzle that helped me heal even more. I want to share some ideas with you to get that brain muscle going. Time to ignite that crown chakra and put on your thinkin' cap.

Let's be transparent.

I’ve always wanted to be more, to have more, do more, etc. I’ve been a go-getter, always had big dreams, lots of wants, wishes, and desires. All these are great! But for awhile, I didn’t have much of plan for certain areas in my life. It was like I was pissing in the wind (so to speak) I NEEDED DIRECTION.

The Past Me: (No Goals, Just Thoughts)

For my body, I wanted to be fit. Skinny was my idea of fit. Wrong attitude.

For my job, I wanted to only work 8-5, weekends off, have insurance, vacation days, and retirement. I was always taught that to be “normal.” Wrong attitude.

For my friendships, I never had a lot of true friends. For a long time, I attracted the wrong set of them. I always let them run over me. Wrong attitude.

For my health, I lived by the numbers and wouldn’t listen to my body. Again…Wrong attitude.

The Newer Me: (After Practicing Goal-Setting)

For my body, I treat it with all the love and care it needs, every day. Right attitude.

For my job, I work towards all my goals, use my skills to help others, and work relentlessly. Right attitude.

For my friendships, I will not allow people to use my kindness as weakness. Nuff said. Right attitude.

For my health, I meditate, write, and find things that bring my life joy and meaning. Right attitude.

To sum it all up, if we want to get to the top of the mountain, we have to take steps to reach it. Sometimes they’re baby steps, but sometimes we can run up that hill.

Goals can help us reach that mountain. They're needed for our emotions, by allowing us to pay attention to how our desires make us feel. By setting a goal, you've made a promise to yourself. It’s continuing those promises that strengthens your self-esteem.

Start by taking action towards what you want to accomplish each and every day. Even if it’s just a little bit. TAKE LIFE ON. You’ll be surprised how much more worthy you will feel. Hence, better self-esteem.

I’ll ask you again…what are your goals?

Till we chat again,


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John Durkin
John Durkin
Jan 15, 2019

Love the style - feels like a friendly conversation! Love the content - made me feel good about having fun and striving for things 🙌🏼 Thanks for writing/sharing

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