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Much Love & Vulnerability

Shout out once again to The Recovery Box on allowing me to be a guest blogger. Don't forget to use them for great tools on your journey towards recovery.

My thoughts on vulnerability below. 👇

Pssssst…. Hi there gorgeous! I’ve got something to tell ya.

I want you to know that it’s ok to be seen AND heard.  I want you to know you’re loved.

You are special. 

Knowing this will help you overcome the critics. By critics, I’m speaking about the ones that want to bring you down when you’re at your weakest point. The one’s that are like vultures circling their prey. 

Please know that by being vulnerable, you are not a victim. You are strong, not weak. It’s admirable trait to become exposed. 

Heck yeah, it can seem totally scary being visible! But it’s also totally ok to let your guard down, let it ALL out. The world is NOT against you. In reality, you are only going to war with yourself. Ain’t nobody got time for that!   

The world needs to see you, the REAL you. You are here for a reason, always remember this. You have abilities, talents, and greatness within you.  

When you feel afraid; cry, laugh, sing, dance, pray, get it ALL out of your system. Don’t stay still behind the wall, get out there and be show your true self.  


Because it’s your time to be authentic. Stop hiding behind the calculator, the treadmill, the bathroom scale. It doesn’t define you. Break free from the food restrictions, the limitations, the unfulfilling beliefs that you are not worthy. Because you are worthy. You are ALWAYS have been worthy. 

Don’t allow others opinions stop you. Honestly, their opinions are none of your business. What YOU think of YOU matters more.  

Quit underestimating your potential to shine, to rise above the diet mentality. Leave behind what you once knew and head straight for the unknown. You’ll never know what’s on the other side unless you explore. I guarantee you the possibilities are endless. 

Just by being vulnerable, new doors will open. 

Once you take that leap of faith, and as you take off on this new adventure, know that you are protected. You are safe. Not one thing or not one person will define your self-worth. 

This, my friend, is your pep talk. I’ve given it to myself a time or two. 

Much like you, I was afraid of who I was. I feared being bubbly, quirky, weird, and unsure. I felt secluded because of my own self-conscious beliefs. I let my own negative thoughts hold me back from being susceptible for a long time. 

I do not want this to happen to you. Instead of staying stuck in the rabbit hole, I want you to shine. Just like Rhianna says, “Shine bright like a diamond.” You are the diamond. 

Simply by becoming vulnerable: 

  1. You learn to build self-trust. In time, with practice and patience, you will learn that you are ok dealing with any outcome. The conclusion may be positive or negative, but trust the process, trust yourself.  

  2. Vulnerability takes work.  It’s natural for us to remain stagnant or “the same.” As you start to become vulnerable, you will fall down seven, but be sure to get up eight. Intense feelings will happen, they are bound to happen because you are learning to be courageous. 

  3. There is POWER in being bold! Remaining closed off, will not get you to where you to need to be.  Physically, mentally, spiritually, you have to set the fears aside and understand vulnerability is influential.  

  4. The rewards are infinite when you to choose to be open. You will be surprised how many people need more of YOU, just as you are. People just like you, that you never have met will come into your life. Pretty crazy huh? 

  5. Perfection is not the answer because no one is perfect. When you become vulnerable, you have to LET GO of all the stickler behavior.  It’s OK and normal to be imperfect. 

That being said, today, take a stand. Take the stand to becoming more vulnerable. In my opinion, effective leaders aren’t afraid of being vulnerable.  It’s actually a hidden strength to growth and development. 

Go out there, connect with others, and embrace being at ease with being noticed for all the greatness you have to offer. 

I believe in you! 

Much love, Kayla   

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