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My New Years Wish For You

Hi folks! I wanted to share my guest post for Rock Recovery, an organization dedicated to bridging eating-disorder treatment gaps, located in Arlington, Virginia.

You can learn more about their services here.

Below is my take on how the New Year can bring unrealistic expectations towards body image and self-esteem.

The holidays were nice, right? All the presents, lots of food, etc. Now that it’s the New Year, I’m telling myself (it’s like the fifth year in a row I’ve told myself this) that I can’t ever have holiday food again. I gained so much weight. That food was so “bad” for me. If I want to look good at the beach (since we are going to the beach this summer) I’ve got to cut out certain food groups completely. I’m only allowing little to no food selections to drop the weight faster. It doesn’t matter that they taste awful, I have to lose weight first. I NEVER want to look at certain foods again!

Ladies and gents, these thoughts are all lies–BIG LIES! From the commercials shown on TV, the exercise equipment ads in the Sunday paper, to your friends setting unrealistic expectations to get “skinny” this year. It’s a vicious cycle that will keep you stuck! Instead of believing them, make the switch.

What’s the switch? It’s about not fearing food in the first place and realizing it holds no power. It’s about balance, listening to your body, and realizing it’s okay to enjoy that holiday candy you received from a co-worker, it was nice gift! It’s awesome if you had fun baking cookies with your little one, got chocolate on your hands, apron, and all over the floor…. It’s wonderful that you loved having family over to eat your first-ever glazed ham. Heck, it turned out delicious! You relied on your instincts to tell you what to eat, NOT what society is pushing on you since it’s the “New Year”.

May your New Year be filled with the freedom to enjoy all the cake, chocolate, pies, and other yummy, delicious, and fabulously created meals that you love. You deserve to eat what feels good for you at any time. Don’t listen to the ads, stop watching the commercials, and if you do want to exercise, make sure it’s for the right reason. Do movement that makes you feel good. Don’t do it because you to have to work off Aunt Jill’s turkey. Take care of yourself everyday because YOU love YOU enough, just as you are. Take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and your body will do the rest. This New Year make a real resolution towards self-love instead.

Till the next time…. I’m sending you lots of love and warm-gooey cookies.

All the Best,

-Kayla Douthitt

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