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No Permission Needed

Ever feel like your voice isn’t being heard? Like People aren’t really listening to what brings you true joy or fulfillment? I, my friends, have been there several times! It sucks when those around you just don’t get it.

When I started Wisdom ‘N Wellness, some folks had no idea what coaching entailed. You can read more about why I coach on this post, but anywho….

It’s my desire to help others heal from the inside out that drove me to created my own business.

I’m so freakin' passionate about healthy body image/self-esteem, self-care, mindset, success, and intuitive eating because I’ve been the girl stuck in the back corner waiting to be heard but drowning in my own fears or worry.

We are ALL here for a reason and you DO NOT need everyone’s approval to go after those dreams, talents, desires, etc…

If you wait on their consent, you’ll rob your highest self. For every 60 seconds of unhappiness this robs YOU of 1 minute of joy.

It hurts to not be heard. It hurts to see something that brings fuel to your flame be blown out like a candle in the wind.

The road to self-growth is not easy but it's necessary! YOU MATTER MOST.

Once you recognize your life depends on your passion and purpose, it gets easier.

It gets easier to ignore those who do not understand or appreciate you. Because honestly, not everyone will.

It gets easier to be happy for yourself even when others ask why, how come, what for?

Life is a journey folks and there is always room to grow, to expand.

Besides my own journey towards self-improvement, I had to get out of my own head. I had to realize that my WHY was bigger than any weird look, misunderstanding, or blank stare.

The point I want you to know today (and every day moving forward) is that you should NEVER settle for than less than you deserve. I bet there is something inside of you right now that is screaming for your attention.

You do not and will not EVER need anyone’s authorization for contentment. We find ourselves when we least expect it. When we lean in and be kind to ourselves.

If you love cooking, start a cooking channel. If you love dancing, start a dance studio. I truly believe NOTHING is impossible.

Stop waiting and start creating YOUR life on YOUR terms for YOURSELF.

Have a great one and get out their beauties! Don't forget to tune in to my "What's Eating You" Podcast. Airs once a month with more tips and tricks to tickle your fancy <3



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