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Organized But NOT Overwhelmed!

Hey beautiful! Something happened to me to this weekend. Something I’m not really proud of because I’m all about self-care. If you’ve heard or seen my blog posts, photos, etc. it’s something that helps us be the best version we can be. Needless to say, I needed to take a dose of my own medicine. Sadly, I forgot to make time for myself and here’s what happened.

I slipped….

Sunday, I was bitchy, blah, and angry. I felt the desire to organize my whole house, from top to bottom, all in one day. What the heck was I thinking? How on Earth can someone organize a whole house in a day?

I was frantic, in a hurry….I didn’t stop and smell the roses because I was too stressed trying to be perfect. I was not truly feeling my best because I was overwhelmed with all the to-do items needing attention. Get the kitchen cleaned, wash the clothes, clean the toilets. My list felt HUGE!

Then, POOF…the fairy godmother of self-care came down and slapped me in the face. She told me to SLOW the heck down! Seriously, I was running on fumes, with no gas left to spare. I was tired but didn’t want to stop and rest. I was angry and needed to meditate, go outside, something to change my mindset.

I seriously forgot to take a second to pause for myself because I was too worried about getting sh*t done before Santa comes. I love being organized, but I felt the perfectionist creeping in. It sucked!

Have you done this?

I know I’ve posted about slowing down, ways to cope with anxiety and depression, but I’m human. I make mistakes…then I gotta own them….I needed to take a moment to realize I should’ve “organized” in spurts.

They didn’t build Rome in a day, did they?

With a rambunctious 1-year-old boy, throwing food on the floor, walking around without a diaper, I should’ve SLOWED DOWN and been more in the moment. Lesson learned on my end. Life is full of lessons.

I’m sharing this with you in hopes you can be organized with WHATEVER life throws at you….but not overwhelmed! I want you to realize you can conquer anything you want, just don’t neglect yourself. Being organized isn’t bad, but don’t be so organized you forget who YOU are. Feel me? Below are some steps I’m going to start implementing more of in my life and I hope you find them useful in yours. Side note, you should totally check out Atomic Habits. Everything we do is a habit (aka system). It’s worth the read.

Here we go:

The first phase to being organized but not overwhelmed is to step back an assess the situation. For me, it’s the last thing I want to do when I want to get it all done. But…..What can you do right now that will not be too much? If it feels like to much, let it go. It will wait.

Secondly, take each step into chunks…manageable chunks that allow you to feel good. Small wins are just as important. Don’t overlook the small stuff.

Third, write down what you want to achieve but don’t be so focused on the outcomes. If your goal is to clean the kitchen, the bathroom can wait. If you have several meetings, focus on the meeting you’re in, but try and not worry about the others until they arrive. Basically, BE PRESENT wherever you are.

Fourth, rest. So important for our mental health. I believe this is why I cracked. On Saturday, I only had about 5 hours of sleep. Hence, why Sunday, I was an angry bear.

The moral of my story is, make time to organize your life, but don’t assume that if you don’t get something done that all hell will break loose.

Instead, set boundaries by taking baby steps towards your goals. This can be with health, life, work, etc….

Believe in yourself and where you are going. I know you have so much potential.

Ask for help (I am still learning that it’s OK to have help).

Give yourself an inner pep talk and praise with what you are accomplishing. Your mental health depends on it!

Any questions, let me know. I'd love to work with you on self-love.

Get a free self-love discovery calendar when you send me an email with the hashtag #organizedbutnotoverwhelmed.

Talk soon,


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