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Passion Over Pessimism

Hey there friends! And if you’re reading this the same day as I write the blog, it’s Friday!!! If not, no worries. Happy day to you wherever you are and whatever day you read this ❤

Let's chat a bit about something that touched my heart the other day. This may be somewhat of a different blog post, but hopefully a message to you to keep going, no mater what the struggle.

As a coach, most of my posts talk about eating, body image, motivation, you name it…but today I really wanna focus on being passionate over pessimistic.


First, I try a be a optimist. Sometimes I fail, but I do try. I think we live in world with enough negativity.

Second, because the other night I had a quick family visit from Georgia. I hadn’t seen them in well-over 16 years, but they came down to my neck of the woods nonetheless.

Time had passed, their kids have grown, there were even other kids whom I never met, see me for the first time. We all chatted, ate good food, and had a good time.

But their youngest, suffers from NF (Neurofibromatosis). It’s a genetic disorder causing tumors to form on the nerve tissue. I had heard about his illness on Facebook but didn’t really know how this kid would have such an impact on my view of life in such a short time.

The boy is 8. What I’m about explain still brings tears to my eyes but actually heals my soul.

He is the sweetest, smart, funny, kid, and stands strong. If I didn’t know of his struggle, you would never distinguish it. He seems happy. Even though gets scans on a regular basis, and his mom secretly tells me he tells her he hurts, he appears happy and thankful.

They said he may loose his eye sight in a couple years, so they are taking him on as many trips in hopes for him to see different places. My prayer is for him to stand strong and keep positive.

Seeing this little guy have a positive mental outlook on life, makes me strive to be better and do better.

The little boy made me realize life is short. So short. I've said it before, but it may hold even more power after meeting him. He was a breathe of fresh air. A breathe of courage and confidence. To see someone who's internally sick, not act angry, rude, or sad shows me we need more people like him to keep our glasses full, NOT half empty!

Heck, I complain when I get a sniffle sometimes. But him, nope, he didn’t say one negative peep the whole 4 hours we spent.

I say ALL that to say this….

Being passionate doesn’t come easy, but strive for being passionate over pessimistic.

Attempt in effort to do more, to give more, and be more on the positive side of life.

There is always good to be found. Even the darkest, saddest, worst of times. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Go after the dreams you want. The people you want to meet.

Strive to realize the small stuff matters. Every day matters.

Strive to live, laugh, and love.

If others bring you down, remember to lift yourself up. You are better and stronger.

At times, when I don’t feel my best, I will now always think of this little boy. His infectious attitude brought me a piece of the puzzle towards living a life in appreciation to remain on the brighter side of life.

I'll close with this, and maybe even something funny. DON'T be a Darth Vader on the dark side...Instead, BE on light side. Be an a Yoda....Be a Yoda! (Star Wars Nerd Alert!)

Got out there and have a wonderful day beautiful souls and I will be in touch.



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