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Sexy Summer Self-Love

It’s officially the first day of summer, and I'm stoked! That means more flip flops, suntans (or sunburns), shorts, and all things outside, warm, and delightful! And if you’re in Kentucky, all things humid. I still love it!

I also know that summer brings up a lot of fears in terms of food, weight, bikini bodies, comparison traps, and slew of other body image concerns.

It’s a time where you think you have to weigh less, look good, get a tan, and are almost aloud to run around half naked, or maybe you do run around naked. (no judgement!) But you get the point….

The fact of the matter is, it’s hard, really hard when you feel like you gotta be a certain way at the beach, the lake, wherever you tend to hang.

When you’re struggling with body image issues, summer is difficult. Plain and simple. You think you have to be “perfect”.

Let me tell ya girlfriend, there is NO PERFECT, I promise. Even the girl with the tank top can tell you, she has worries of her own, insecurities she sometimes hides. We all do, we’re human. But we gotta learn ways to turn those negative thoughts into appreciating our bodies.

It’s time to start a new chapter for yourself this summer (and thereafter) don't ya think?

Instead of all the mumbo-jumbo stigma surrounding looking and being a certain way, let’s appreciate all our bodies do.

I’m gonna preach it to you straight and with a smile. Quick story....

The whole concept of body image took me a while to grasp. It took me awhile because I never appreciated who I was as a person. I feared walking on the beach. There were times I wore shorts to hide my bum. A tank top over my bathing suit....I thought a beach body had to represent, "She Wore an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini." Yada, yada, yada....

It took me a LONG time to recognize that I was worth way more than my body. Of course I still have moments where I get all up in my feels, but I go back to my mission.

I go back to think of my why. My why of wanting to feel free and happy with myself, for myself.

We are so much more than our bodies. So much more than the muscles, the skin, the hair, etc.

An oldie but a good saying rings true, beauty is only skin deep. The soul matters. Who you are as a person matters.

I’m not saying don’t take of yourself, but please understand that YOU bring so much more to the table than those Bermuda shorts. I swear there are people out there that would love to be in your shoes. Even for a day!

Rant over...

Having trouble? I really want to help! I’m launching YOUR SEXY SELF July 1st!

It’s a month’s worth of weekly private one on one coaching calls, weekly inspirational emails, and activities to get you started towards loving you, for you.

Interested but want to get your feet wet first? (my inside summer pun, ha!).

Email me at for a YOU ARE SEXY STRATEGY GUIDE before the program lunches.

I have 10 spots left!

We can set up a call to talk about the program if you like as well. I'm here for you.

Talk soon,


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