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Spring Into Transformation

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Happy spring! I’m so ready for warmer weather, flowers, and sunshine! I’m a total outside, nature, hippie, tree hugger, kind of gal…. And I’m actually ready to see green grass make its appearance and pull weeds. There’s something I love about the sights and smells of fresh new grass in the front lawn, seeing dandelions, and those stinkin’ wild onions poking around at random.

As a kid, there was ALWAYS lots of wild onions and dandelions in our landscape. I loved pulling these out of the mulch because it was my job to make sure mom had a nice flower bed. I also enjoyed to “pretend cook” with these outside ingredients staining my hands and acting like a chef.

Anywho, on another note, I’m also embracing transformation. Just the word alone feels so empowering doesn’t it? Because transformation is NOT always a bad thing.

We need to transform, to helps us grow. Much like the flower having to re-blossom from the cold winter, going from a seed to bright beautiful bloom, they embraced the transformation of the seasons without much complaint.

Be the flower.

Lots of times transformation happens when we least except it, often for our own good. For me personally, without it, I would’ve stayed stuck, stagnant, and in my own head.

And I HATE being stuck and stagnant.

But…there was a time I wouldn’t have said this to you because I truly feared the unknown. It was almost as if I thought the world was against me somehow. I was unsure, afraid, and beating a dead horse. Have you done this?

Here’s my “not so secret advice” to embrace your own transformation.

REALITY CHECK---the world is NOT against you. It’s actually FOR you, even when it feels hard. ❤

Think about how many times you learned from a change coming in. At first, you may feel “why is this happening to me?” I get it. With transforming comes anxiety. Instead though, think “what can I acquire from this?”

Think of it as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn something new and fresh rather than pushing to the side.

How are you embracing and transforming into your best self today?

Till the next time,


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