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When Your Child Says They Feel Fat…Tell Them, Enough of That!!!

As a mom, we want to immediately help our child. My mom told me my whole life would change when I had my little boy, and it did. I know you can relate.

We see them hurt, we hurt.

We see them angry, we’re about ready to rip someone a new one!

They feel scared, we try to make them feel safe.

Am I right?! It’s like there’s a protection switch inside of us that has to ignite.

I’ll start off today’s blog by saying…we all go through stuff (some which we may have also experienced in our younger years). The stuff could be wanting to fit in, times we want to look good, times where we needed a hug, not ready to take that exam, etc…. It happens.

But what transpires when your kiddo starts talking bad about their looks, their weight, their body? What do ya do? Let it be? Think it’s just a phase?

What do you do when your little girl comes to you and says, “mom, I feel ugly?” I’m sure you console her with an immediate, “no you’re not!” Or “Honey, what makes you say that?”

These are well intended feedback, BUT what if….what if….your child is experiencing something deeper? There’s a deeper meaning to everything we do. I heard this on an Oprah speech I listened to awhile back. Truly though, if they’re starting to shows signs about body shaming, it’s your responsibility to take it SERIOUSLY.

I want you take it as serious as a heart attack because it can go down the drain really quick if we ignore the signs of our kids’ feelings of underlying self-doubt or low self-esteem.

Everyone wants to be accepted, like, not judged, and I want you to help them before their self-worth turns sour. Got me?

Today, I’ll share 5 practical tips. Use them ASAP so you can get your child on the right train track.

Side note: I’d highly recommend you do these activities with your child because we can all use a little refresher and it makes them feel comfortable too!

1) Affirmations: They work...Have your kiddo download the I AM app, save their favorite statements on their home screen. They may not believe what they read at first, but give them time, a clear reason as to why they need to affirm their love of their body, and heck, download the app with them. Have a time where you read the inspiration together each day 😊

2) Fuel up/Listen to their body: Whether they eat intuitively or not, encourage them that food has no power of them. Be the role model and example an encourage mindful eating EARLY ON. No diet talk, no restricting, no emotional eating...Need help, I'm here to guide you.

3) Check in with their feelings: Tune in and don’t tune out what they are feeling. Have them try journaling, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Set a time where you can openly discuss their inner dialogue and it's importance.

4) Look at their top 5 friends: Who do they hang around? Does Becky really give the best advice or is she just popular?

5) Reassure a new perspective. Tell them why NOT to have all or nothing thinking about their body/image. Also, try writing down 5-10 positive things they like about their body as a reminder to help boost confidence to what they sometimes forget to focus on.

These may sound simple. Maybe you’ve even tried them before, heard them somewhere else, but it starts with YOU being bold enough to take the steps. You are a rock star mom!

It's time to help them BEFORE it takes a bigger tole on your child's mind, body, or soul. I do not want to see them stuck. Need more help? Let me know. Have a call with me and see how I can help you shed light on the situation.

Practice. Practice. And Practice again. I want YOU to be in the know for you and for your child. Learning coping skills is like learning to ride a bike without training wheels. It requires hard work/consistency but once you take off those wheels, there’s no turning back!

Till the next time,


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