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You Need A Real Pal—I’m NOT Talking About My Fitness Pal Either!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

I was the girl who counted. I counted EVERYTHING on my plate to a jot and a tittle. Even those disgusting yellow packets that said “Zero Calories” I swore they were lying to me. I thought it had to have some calories. I counted so often that I can still tell you how many digits are in a slice of fat free cheese. I can tell you how much is in a cup of broccoli, and I’ll clarify those little frozen veggie burgers so you don’t have to look at the box. Yep, that’s right, at one point, I was darn right obsessed with making sure I didn’t go over my limit. I made sure I had every piece counted for on my plate. The calculator was always on the table. Yes, calculator, because when I dieted, the “apps” hadn’t been invented yet. My age is showing, but anywho….

If counting works for you great, but for me, I’d rather be stranded on a desert island somewhere with no water, because it made me obsessive and lost sense of how to pay attention to my true hunger. We live in a world that’s controlled by low calories, no calories, etc. I just can’t stand that crap anymore! I can’t stand it for you, I can’t stand it for your mom, your sister, your brother, your neighbor, I just can’t stand it. Get my drift? I get all kinds of crazy when I think about it.

Seriously, do babies count? Nope! So why should you? You shouldn’t. No you're not a baby, but the concept is the same. You should enjoy being able to have a doughnut without feeling guilty, you should be able to eat whenever, wherever, without the fear of being judged. Our bodies were NOT made to live by the numbers. We ACTUALLY can tell when we are full, what we are craving, and what we need, if we just stop and listen.

From someone who is living proof, from someone who has made a full circle change in the way I used to eat, to now how I honor and treat my body, and if you asked me if I ever thought I could feel free of not living by the numbers, I would have told you no until intuitive eating hit me. It hit me right in the head like a ton of bricks—and I’m glad it did.

At first glance, it was new to me, but I was ready to get over this whole food-fear-thing. I wanted to heal, and this sounded weird, but interesting to say the least.

What intuitive eating did and still does for me?

It’s given me freedom to go out to dinner, it’s given me honor and respect for love trying all foods, and it’s given me a life without guilt, shame, or fear.

Intuitive Eating is the friend I want you to have. It’s the friend that will seem intimating and scary at first, takes work, but if you are willing to invest in yourself, I suggest you put down the app, the calculator, or whatever unit of measurement you're using…and start turning inward instead.

So…Do you do count? This is your wake-up call. I’d love to help you BEAT food anxiety so you can start living and loving yourself more. I would love to help you wake up to a pot of coffee, plop your socks up on the table, and RELAX! I would love to show you what pizza tastes like, how chocolate pie is really made grandma style, and I would love to be able to give you the life you thought you wanted BEFORE food and calories took over.

I want YOU to have this for YOU! <3

Love, Kayla

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