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Calories Ring...Don't Be Listening!

What's up everybody? How's it going? Today, we're going to focus on holiday food fear and ways to overcome it.

The scenario:

Cookies, cakes, candies, it's all out on the table, literally. Looks delicious but you're afraid you can't eat any, or if you do, you'll screw up your diet, start a binge, gain weight, and have to exercise till your legs fall off. You'll punish yourself by bringing a dish you know you can measure. A dish that you made without any seasoning because you'll be able to eat "that one." Everyone else's food seems too much. There's NO WAY you can count mashed potatoes that use real butter. You have no idea how many calories are in the green beans. You ponder quietly, and think , "there's nothing healthy except my food." You grab your plate and a pre-measured dish for control. Sound familiar?

How many times have you spent dwelling on not going to holiday parties, gatherings, or anything else this season because you were afraid to be in the moment? Too afraid of not knowing the numbers? Too afraid to enjoy a piece of cake?

Instead, I've got a solution:

Be mindful holidays are more than just for eating. Start focusing on family, fun conversations, and being present instead of obsessing on what's for dinner.

Have a friend you can trust and talk to about what's going on helps. Give them the scenario and explain how you're feeling.

Make peace with food and realize it has no power. This takes practice and is part of the intuitive eating process, but I know got this! Those mashed potatoes aren't going to come haunt you at night, nor will that piece of fudge, ham, or any other dish you DIDN'T make.

Be flexible in your schedule. Realize that it's OK to eat a different times, places, and try new things. There's something delicious everywhere =)

Try a fun activity or game instead of dwelling on the food conversations.

Most importantly ENJOY THE MOMENT!

Take care of yourself because you deserve to eat and your are worthy!



Eat What You Love...Love What You Eat

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