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Ways to Cope with Anxiety & Depression

Hey there! How are ya? My hope is that you’re well and doing peachy during this time. I know things have been different (vastly different) for the most of us in the last little while. Changes in our daily routines, work routines, and life in general…Today, I wanted to discuss with you some beneficial ways in dealing with anxiety and depression, especially if you’re feeling isolated and/or scared.

I wanna be transparent too because I’ve personally dealt with depression and anxiousness my whole life! I had panic attacks and had to be put on meds twice before I decided to try and heal. I still can get those uneasy feelings from time to time if I’m not taking care of myself properly. Truth is….Our mental health is JUST AS IMPORTANT as our spiritual, physical, and emotional health folks. I promise you that! So if you’re feelin’ a little funky or need some pep in your step to cope, keep reading.

My tips for you are:

Enjoy the small things. Sometimes easier said than done, but take a moment to notice the trees blooming, a butterfly flying past, the sounds of the birds chirping. Appreciating the little moments can really cheer ya up! Often, we are too busy to even notice the beauty around us each day. They’re important folks!

Disconnect from TV, social media, electronics, etc. We are on our phones, Netflix, and the internet during our free time WAY TOO MUCH. Instead, take this time at home to read or listen to a good book, get organized, set goals, or even cook up a good meal. Having TV, social channels, and electronics are all great, but it can also distract you from the rest of the world if you’re constantly posting, absorbing info, or binge watching too much Tiger King.

Engage in an activity. Perhaps this down time can be used to work on a project you love, write that book you were supposed to write, clean out those cabinets, whatever you wanna do that you normally say you wouldn’t have time for. Do something you really want to do. Do something to fuel YOUR joy.

More joy = less stress overall.

Meditate. At first, it’s not easy to sit quietly or listen to a guided mediation. It was weird for me until I go in the rhythm of practicing more mindfulness. Now I love zoning out, lying on my couch for about 20-30 minutes to find my calm. Some days I may just do 10 minutes, but every little bit helps.

Accept that these events happening right now are truly out of your control. This can be scary, but recognizing that we cannot predict every.single.thing causes unease. However, it can also be a time of reflection. To truly find your strength within and have faith that everything will work out just as it’s supposed to.

Exercise. Take a walk. Put on some good tunes, plop on those stretchy pants and get to movin’ that wonderful body of yours to alleviate tension. You don’t have to go crazy, but 30 minutes 3-5 days a week will help those nerves.

Get enough sleep. Catching zzz’s are essential to our mental well-being too. Even if you don’t have to have an alarm clock right now, be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep. 8 hours a night is efficient. Our mind needs to relax and sleeping helps us recover from our surroundings. Grab your favorite pillow and know that it’s OK to relax.

Alrighty, there ya have it. My practical ways that help with stress, anxiety, and depression. The next time you’re feelin those ants in your pants, try these steps to assist your well-being.

As always, any questions…Feel free to send me a line at



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