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Your Standards Matter Most!

For quite some time, I fell victim. If I was a judge, I’d say she’s guilty as charged!

I allowed others to overstep my boundaries. I trusted everyone that entered my path. I allowed people to push my buttons, as I kept quiet, and I didn’t stand up for myself. My self-esteem was shot, my anxiety was through the roof, all because taking a stand felt scary and impossible. I was afraid of everyone else’s feelings and not seeing my value felt normal.

At the time, I felt I was being the bigger person by not saying what was on my mind. I felt the anger, frustration, and anxiety would eventually subside, but it didn’t.

It actually got worse.

It festered up like a big, ugly blister that needed popped. (TMI but true!)

I had never felt this way before, and it sucked! My nerves were shot. I was NOT myself, nor was I living in my full power. I was power-less.

This was BEFORE I knew my worth. This was the girl that felt she did not need to be seen or heard.

I was beating myself up inside for other's opinions of me, where I should’ve seen what I have to offer is valid.

I lowered my own standards. Have you done this?

I want nothing more than for YOU to please stop this kind of behavior. I want you to SHOW UP and KNOW your potential, your beauty, your strength is NOT depended upon another person’s thoughts or judgements. You can’t control those anyhow.

My darling, I want you to wake up feeling alive and worth every.single.penny you spend, or don't spend. I want you to feel your highest self as free and limitless. Because YOU DESERVE IT!

Even if you don't see her yet, I want you try this for me...

Write down your 5 (or more) ways you hold value and take up space. If you are having a hard time with seeing your worth, imagine how you want to be seen AND heard.

I’ll share some of mine:

1.) I will show up unapologetically as my crazy, sexy, confident, and best self, regardless of how others see me.

2.) I will stop apologizing so much and take ownership of my words.

3.) When I walk in a room, I am smiling, confident, and deserve to be here.

M hope is for you to BECOME the best version of YOU possible inside and out. I know this takes time, heck I’m 32, and I still have much to learn.

But I hope you realize that your standards deserve to be met, always….REGARDLESS of what others think.

Peace, Kayla

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